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Town Council Approves 2023 Paving Tenders

The municipality accepted tenders for two paving projects at the regular municipality Council meeting on May 10th. The tenders totaling $972,567.50 were awarded to United Paving. For $471,462.50 plus taxes, 7th Street will be paved from Rutland Avenue to Kings Avenue, and the Emergency Services parking lot will be paved. The Centenial Place Subdivision will also be paved, with concrete curb and gutter costing a total of $555,105.00 + taxes.

A report prepared by Associated Engineering on the Centenial Place Subdivision being done as a local improvement was presented to the council on February 8th. The report was approved, and an application was submitted to the Saskatchewan Municipal Board, Local Government Committee, to carry out this work as part of a local improvement project.



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