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I have spent most of my life in Gull Lake, Saskatchewan. I was employed by the Gull Lake Ambulance Service for 32 years as a paramedic. My wife and I currently own and operate Campbell's Accommodations, a rental property company that offers furnished and unfurnished housing. I was elected to serve on the Town Council in 2008, and from there I became the mayor for a total of eleven years, from 2009 to 2020.

I made sure the town website, Twitter, and Instagram were up-to-date while I was mayor. To further promote the community news, events, and information, I took over the Gull Lake Events Facebook page in 2018 and integrated it with the town website.

It was important to me to continue supporting and promoting the community even after my term had ended in 2020. One way to give back to the community is to use the Gull Lake Events platform to promote our community.

Please go to the Contact Page to inquire about any items you'd like to have promoted on Gull Lake Events.


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Campbell's Accommodations

At Campbell's Accommodations, we take great pride in making your stay an enjoyable one. Cleaning is important, and we take all necessary precautions following the Pubic Health Agency of Canada's cleaning guidelines for Covid-19.


For your comfort, all rooms are furnished with furniture in excellent condition. Modern appliances include a Full-size Fridge, Self Clean Stove, Under Cabinet Microwave, Washer, Dryer, Built-in Dishwasher & Central Air Conditioning.