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Local Resident Shares Poem "Our Town - Gull Lake" Written Several Years Ago

Local Autumn House resident Marion St John enjoys writing poetry. Today she shared a post about Gull Lake that was written sometime in the 1980's.

Our Town - Gull Lake

In our prairie town, trees broad and tall

Grow along the streets, beautify it all

In the summertime, in their welcome shade

Many evening barbeques are made

There's a boulevard in our little town

By the swimming pool, that a fence surrounds

There's the water plant that is fairly new

And a weekly newspaper office too

There are churches here to welcome all

There's a funeral home and a firehall

There are two nice schools with a spacious gym

Where the students practice keeping trim

There's an old folks home and a hospital

Police barracks and a nice Motel

There's a theatre and a post office

We've a doctor too, to take care of us

Insurance offices , lawyers too

A hotel on Conrad Avenue

There are beauty shops and a library

A drugstore , florist and a bakery

There are hardware , clothing, grocery stores

A carwash and a sporting store

Banks where money we can save

Streets that have lately been repaved

We've garages and a body shop

A machinery and a tire shop

Cafes for meals or a coffee break

And rinks where we can curl or skate

There's the Elk's Hall known to all so well

Where bingo, wedding dances, dos are held

There are other halls and meeting places

And not far out the stock car races

There's a golf course too a few miles out

And oil wells are all about

We've nice homes here and in our town

We have a lovely camping ground

We've service stations, a liquor store

An upholstery shop, an arcade and more

We've a greenhouse, TV and fix-it shops

A painter, a plumber and a welder's shop

Construction companies, electricians

And The Sears and R.M. offices

We are proud of it and think it's great-

Living in this town we call Gull Lake

- Marion St John

Written several years back


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