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Gull Lake School Community Council Spreads Some Christmas Spirit Downtown!

The Gull Lake School Community Council was out this afternoon braving the elements and decorating some of the flower pots around the downtown to spread some Christmas Spirit! Our initial plan was to involve students, staff and community members with the project but with the ongoing COVID-19 concern we just had a few SCC members decorating.

Thank-you to our community for always being supportive of our school and our projects.

Huge thanks to Country Ty’s for having the fabulous curly willow and greenery available for the pots. Also thanks to Condor Enterprises for supplying us with some sand when a few of the frozen pots proved to be too big of a challenge for us.

If anyone is looking for a family project to spread a little Christmas Spirit we recommend finding some Christmas decor and decorating a planter somewhere in town. There are still lots around town, but be sure to always ask permission first.

Stay safe and stay well, a healthy community is our Christmas wish for this year!


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