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Local Business Highlight: The Grainery Bakery

A lady baker takes bread from a bakery oven.

What’s that delicious smell in downtown Gull Lake? That’s the Grainery Bakery! The bakery was bought by Twila Wedrick in 2020 and after COVID-19 and many renovations, they opened in January of 2022!

Twila says that she wanted to start a business in Gull Lake because there is nothing like a small community. She adds that because you know everyone or everyone knows you, it is really a great opportunity to open a business, especially a bakery, because you get to bake yummy things for everyone to try, while also having the opportunity to catch up with someone or meet them for the first time.

Twila says that her favourtie thing about Gull Lake is the people and how everyone plays an important part in our community. She also adds that she is beyond grateful for the community and the people for their wonderful support these last 2 years.

If you would like to stop by the bakery and try all of the delicious treats that they have to offer, they are open 12-5 Tuesday-Thursday!

What is your favourite treat from the bakery?

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