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Gull Lake Events Top 10 2021 Most Engaging Posts

Despite the fact that 2021 was another gloomy year due to the Pandemic, Gull Lake experienced a number of positive events. With the exception of 2020, when I was the Town website administrator, I always did a Top 10 post list for the previous year.

The Gull Lake Events website has now been up and running for a little more than a year. So, here are the top ten most read posts in 2021:

Number 1

The Department of Highways has installed a web camera at the intersection of Highways #1 and #37 in Gull Lake. The camera feed can be viewed by going to Saskatchewan Highway Hotline.

Number 2

The Town of Gull Lake advertised for a Full-Time Recreation Facilities Operator. Michael Friesen will be responsible to maintain the Town's Parks, Swimming Pool, and Ball Diamonds. From April 1st to October 15th, he will work as an Ice Technician/Caretaker.

Number 3

The Safe and Sound Inn in Gull Lake has new owners. The motel was closed for several months before reopening two days ago. Yanqin Ou and her husband are the new owners of the inn. She intends to continue providing the same high-quality service as the previous owners.

Number 4

Family and friends of Bud Ellefson took part in a large vehicle parade. The parade was organized to help celebrate his 90th birthday. Bud watched the parade from the front entrance as everyone drove by honking horns, flashing lights, and waving. He wanted to let everyone know, "everything was just perfect".

Number 5

Peterson's AG Foods in Gull Lake is under new management. David Lee is taking over the store from the previous owner Daniel Ryu. He is looking forward to serving the community with the same great service, groceries, and pharmacy as before.

Number 6

I lost a silver necklace with a heart on it. The necklace has my dad's fingerprint on it after he passed away, the woman said. If anyone happens to find this treasured piece of jewelry, please turn it in to the Town Office & we will make sure it is returned!.

Number 7

The Gull Lake Lyceum Theatre Board has faced significant operational challenges that have hindered the reopening of the theatre. The board will be meeting shortly after the Provincial Governments revaluation of Covid-19 Public Health Measures on February 19th to come up with a reopening plan.

Number 8

An Afghan family was able to make their way safely out of Afghanistan to Canada. Thanks to the efforts of local veteran Steve Stanford they were able to start a new life in Canada.

Number 9

The Gull Lake Grad Parade took place today at 6:30pm sharp. Congratulations to all the students and the best in your future endeavors.

Number 10

The Town of Gull Lake is offered to sell the Clarendon Hotel lots for a $1 per lot. A new business could help with the problem the Town has struggled with for some time being the number of empty buildings in the downtown. Besides the possibility of new jobs it could bring, it would also likely attract more customers downtown.

As the New Year approaches I want to wish everyone all the best for 2022.

Blake Campbell

Gull Lake Events


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