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Gull Lake Lyceum Theatre Board Reopening Plans

The Gull Lake Lyceum Theatre Board has faced significant operational challenges that have hindered the reopening of the theatre during the Covid-19 pandemic. In a normal operating year, the theatre usually ends the fiscal year by breaking even. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been affected by restrictions limiting the theatre to 30 people, a lack of new movies, a decrease in the number of people attending shows, and rising Covid-19 cases. The result in 2020 was a monetary loss of $30,000.00 of which much of the loss occurred during periods the theatre was open.

Last summer the board tried to apply for a CEBA loan of $40,000 and the Canada Emergency Wage subsidy. Unfortunately, at that time, the theatre did not qualify for the much-needed grants. The board has reapplied for both grants, and it appears, the theatre is now eligible to receive both. Currently, the board is evaluating the theatre's finances while we wait for confirmation of the grants. The board's primary goal is to open safely and in a fiscally responsible manner to ensure a successful reopening of the theatre.

The board will be meeting shortly after the Provincial Governments revaluation of Covid-19 Public Health Measures on February 19th. The board expects to have confirmation approval of the grants it has applied for soon. Assuming no further restrictions are imposed by the Provincial Government on February 19th a reopening plan will be shared with everyone later this month.

We truly appreciate the support, understanding, and patience of our patrons and sponsors during this difficult time.

Blake Campbell

Chairman Gull Lake Lyceum Theatre Board

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