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Town Council Hires Recreation Facilities Operator

In February, the Town of Gull Lake advertised for a Full-Time Recreation Facilities Operator. Michael Friesen will be the town’s first Recreation Facilities Operator. He will be responsible to maintain the Town’s Parks, Swimming Pool, and Ball Diamonds from April 1st to October 15th. From October 16th to March 31st, he will carry out the duties of the Ice Technician/Caretaker at the Gull Lake Recreation Centre.

Motion from February 24th, 2021 Council Minutes

Kirk/ Waiser:
THAT we authorize hiring Michael Friesen for the position of. Recreation Facilities Operator at a salary of Step 1 Labourer as per Town of Gull Lake Salary Guideline; and THAT employment will begin after closure/ shut down of the RecreationComplex. CARRIED

It should be noted that the Gull Lake Recreation Centre will reimburse the Town for the cost of wages for the period October 16th to March 31st.

Blake Campbell

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