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Doug Griffiths Gull Lake Region Workshop A Great Collaboration

Yesterday afternoon, I attended Doug Griffiths' Gull Lake and Region Workshop. Approximately 14 people from Gull Lake and the surrounding area attended the event. The group included representatives from urban and rural municipal governments, local businesses, the tourism committee, and the community, as well as a representative from Swift Current's Newcomers Centre.

Doug Griffiths, the workshop's facilitator, is the author of 13 Ways to Kill Your Community and the creator of 13 Ways, Inc. Doug has over 20 years of expertise assisting in the development of strong communities. Our Economic Development Officer helped organized the workshop, which was funded by SWT, urban and rural municipalities in the Gull Lake and Hazlet areas, and the Targeted Support Sector Grant.

Doug opened the workshop by talking about how the world is changing and how communities must anticipate those changes in order to change themselves so they can remain sustainable. Following that, the group was assigned several tasks. The tasks assisted the group in identifying, through a collaborative effort, elements of our town that require improvement and potential solutions for making those improvements.  At the end of the meeting, we were asked to write down what we would do moving forward to help bring about positive change in our community. I will keep promoting our town and working with any groups or committees that are working on projects that will help the future prosperity of our town or region.

During my tenure on Town Council, I attended similar workshops and sessions, but this was by far the best. It was a very great experience to have people from the town and surrounding area come together in a collaborative effort to explore things we can do to improve our community and ensure a better future. Hopefully, we will be able to continue having similar community discussions in the future to help move our town and region forward in a positive direction toward a more prosperous future.

Blake Campbell

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