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A Look Back at 2022 in Gull Lake

Normally, I close the year with the top ten most read posts from the Gull Lake Events Blog. For a look back at 2022, I looked at the most popular blog posts from each month this year and ranked the 12 posts by popularity.

Top January Post Ranked #10 in 2022

Town Council Establishes a "NO Parking" Zone on 7th Street

The Town Council has established a "NO Parking" zone along the north side of 7th street. The area is frequently used by heavy truck and commercial traffic. This was the latest in a series of traffic improvements made by the Town over the last 12 months.

Top February Post Ranked #11 in 2022

Gull Lake's First Collaborative Business Meeting Well Attended

Economic Development Officer provided an overview of the Economic Development Committee's responsibilities and objectives. Discussion included ideas for improving the existing sign corridor that runs alongside the number 1 highway. Karla Wiens of the Swift Current Chamber of Commerce gave an excellent presentation on the new Shop Southwest website.

Top March Post Ranked #9 in 2022

New Child Care Spaces Coming To Gull Lake

Gull Lake is one of 21 communities in Saskatchewan to receive funding to expand its child care capacity. 1202 new licensed not-for-profit child care spaces will be created in the province. The goal is to create 28,000 extra spaces by the end of 2026.

Top April Post Ranked #8 in 2022

Local Makers Accepted to One of a Kind Show in Toronto

The One of a Kind Show has grown into one of the largest and most well attended craft shows in North America. Local maker, Paige Farr, and her mother and business partner, Tami McQuillan, can tell us what it's like to be accepted as a vendor at the show.

Top May Post Ranked #7 in 2022

What it Means When You Hear The Gull Lake Siren

Gull Lake Town Hall's siren is not used as a public warning siren to warn people about tornadoes or other natural disasters. If it goes off once at noon, it's time to eat; if it wails continuously for three minutes, it means the fire department is on its way to a call.

Top June Post Ranked #6 in 2022

Meet the Owner and Chef of the Empire Diner

Gull Lake's newest business, the Empire Diner, is set to open its doors this Sunday. Owner Sam Haider and chef Sumit Anand have been working hard to get the restaurant ready for its grand opening.

Top July Post Ranked #3 in 2022

Local Couple Opening New Business in Gull Lake

Hannah and Cole have bought 1365 Conrad Ave. in downtown Gull Lake. They will soon be transforming it into a bookstore. Yellow Canary Books & Stationery is planning on opening its doors in October 2022. It will stock all genres of books as well as stationery, office supplies, and small home décor items.

Top August Post Ranked #5 in 2022

Autumn House Grateful for Generous Donors

Autumn House residents and staff would like to take a few moments to recognize some very generous donors as of late. Today we filled the freezer with a FULL beef that the Myers' family raised. Fast Trucking purchased it at the Frontier Days auctions and donated it to our facility.

Top September Post Ranked #4 in 2022

Vehicle Causes Damage to Fire Hydrant and Swimming Pool Grounds

An unidentified vehicle crashed into a fire hydrant, a fence, and a tree. The total cost of damages is unknown, but a hydrant costs approximately $10,000.

Top October Post Ranked #12 in 2022

Small Town Economic Development Initiatives: The Way Forward

Gull Lake's fortunes have already improved with the opening of the Prairie Handmade Shop and the soon-to-open Yellow Canary Books & Stationery. Economic Development initiatives and planning will pave the way forward for us to meet these challenges.

Top November Post Ranked #2 in 2022

Clarendon Hotel Site Sold for $4 to Become SARCAN Facility

Gull Lake Town Council has approved the sale of four lots where the Clarendon Hotel sat to Neinhuis Holding Ltd. for $4 to be developed as a SARCAN Recycling Facility. The Lyceum Theatre would be sitting across the street from an industrial building.

Top December Post Ranked #1 in 2022

Small Town And Big Dreams

The U18 AAA Swift Current Wildcats are comprised of players from the southwest corner and across the province. Olivia Kirwan, Sadie Keller, Alexa Kobley and Kyla Benjamin started out playing for the Gull Lake-based Southwest Cyclone team in Pee Wee.

This concludes 2022; best wishes to everyone in 2023!

Blake Campbell

Gull Lake Events


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