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Town Council Approves Construction of Backup Water Supply Well

Town Council recently approved the construction of a second water supply well. The second well will ensure an uninterrupted supply of water is possible if the main well fails. The well will be constructed by Beckie Hydrogeologists (1990) at a cost of $195,000. The construction of the second well was one of the several short-term upgrades identified in Gull-Lake-Water-Plant-Feasibility-Report to improve the safety and reliability of the water system.

Motion from February 24th, 2021 Council Minutes

Migneault/ Gibson:
THAT we approve the proposal submitted by Beckie Hydrogeologists (1990) Ltd. for a backup water supply well construction and well rehabilitation project at an estimated cost of $195,000.00

The second well does not address the elevated levels of Trihalomethanes (THM) in the Towns water supply. The Trihalomethanes (THM) problem requires the construction of a new water plant to replace the current water plant, which is reaching the end of its useful life expectancy.

Blake Campbell

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