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Town Council 2023 Committee Appointments

At the Town Council meeting on February 8, 2023, the following committee appointments were approved:

Chinook Regional Library

Janet Wickstrom, Lance Allen (Alternate Steve Haithwaite)

Gull Lake Recreation Advisory Committee

Peggy Willman, Tyler Moll Richie Bleau, Tim Temoshawsky, Steve Haithwaite, Emella Waiser, Tyson Migneault (Alternate Dennis Kirk).

Gull Lake Fire Committee

Steve Haithwaite, Dennis Leahy, Gull Lake Fire Chief Bentley Gibson.

Gull Lake Ambulance Corporation

Lance Allen (Alternate Nasser Zanidean)

Gull Lake Airport Committee

Steve Haithwaite


Stark & Marsh

Tourism Committee

Doug Vold, Hannah Girodat, Lillijean McLeod, Norman White, Cole Girodat, Blake Campbell, Peggy Willman, Kaydence Haithwaite, Steve Haithwaite.

Cemetery Committee

Les Potter, Jim Helyar, Mary Helyar, Carla Orton, Peggy Willman, Mayor Allen, Bentley Gibson.

Heritage Committee

Les Potter, Lillijean McLeod, Karen Stusrud, Kerry Girodat, Derrick Wiebe, Sharon Hilmoe, Carla Orton, Mayor Allen, Dennis Leahy.

Economic Development Committee

Pam Kirwan, Danielle Vaughan, Natasha Vaughan, Paige Farr, Jenna Watkins, Stephanie Sells, Kalie Migneault, Kayla Klassen, Amy Jorgenson, Tyson Migneault, Dennis Kirk ,


Tyson Migneault, Dennis Kirk, Steve Haithwaite.

Source: Town Council February 8, 2023 Minutes

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