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New Support Programs for Women Entrepreneurs

The Scale Up for Entrepreneurs program and the Digital Literacy for Entrepreneurs program have been launched by the Saskatchewan government today to support female entrepreneurs in the province.

The Scale Up for Entrepreneurs initiative will provide $450,000 to eligible Saskatchewan entrepreneurs for business growth training. The program will train participants in leadership and management, business strategy, marketing and sales, financial management, and human resource strategies. Following the training, eligible entrepreneurs will receive coaching and mentoring. The program will support 50 women and under-represented entrepreneurs (Indigenous, visible minority, youth, and disabled) in Saskatchewan and applications will be accepted starting in January 2022.

The Digital Literacy for Entrepreneurs program will provide $1.6 million to address the digital literacy needs of entrepreneurs, including women entrepreneurs, who want to use digital technologies to improve their business and reduce future risks. Fundamental, strategic, and specialized digital skills will be taught to ensure appropriate programming for entrepreneurs in their service area. The program will support over 300 participants and begin in early 2022.

For More information go to Saskatchewan Government News and Media.

Blake Campbell

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