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ICIP Grants Available for Community Cultural, and Recreational Projects

The Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program is now open to Saskatchewan municipalities and other eligible organizations to apply for funding for proposed community, cultural, and recreational projects (ICIP).

There will be two stages to this latest application intake:

  • Now through January 11, 2022, Phase 1 is open. Project proposals that are "shovel-ready" are eligible for this shorter period.

  • Phase 2 is also now open and closes on May 10, 2022. Phase 2 allows more time for complex projects that may be in the conceptual stage to complete the application.

The following types of proposed project applications would be considered:

  • Improve cultural infrastructure, such as museums and Indigenous heritage centres.

  • Upgrade indoor and outdoor recreational facilities and spaces.

  • Improve community infrastructure, such as libraries, civic centres and multi-purpose facilities, which can house the arts, volunteer groups and service clubs.

Municipalities; First Nations and Métis communities and related governing bodies; public-sector bodies; not-for-profit organizations; and for-profit organizations that work with Indigenous entities and/or municipalities are all eligible recipients.

More than $900 million in federal funding was secured by the Government of Saskatchewan under the ICIP over a ten-year period, until 2028, to support all types of eligible infrastructure projects in the province.

For more information see Saskatchewan Government News and Media.

Blake Campbell

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