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New Radar Speed Signs Installed on Rutland Avenue

Two new radar speed signs have been placed on Rutland Avenue to help warn motorists of their speed. A sign indicating the speed of southbound vehicles was erected by the Town crew at the intersection of Rutland Avenue and Third Street. Another sign was placed at the intersection of Rutland Avenue and 5th Street to assist northbound traffic.

The Town of Gull Lake received $9,376 from the Provincial Traffic Safety Fund Grant to acquire the signage. Emella Waiser submitted the grant application on behalf of the town to increase protection for pedestrians and drivers traveling along Rutland Avenue. She explained that the signs are solar-powered and movable, allowing them to be moved to different locations if that becomes necessary.

Rutland Avenue has become significantly safer for drivers and pedestrians as a result of the Gull Lake Bypass's reduction of heavy traffic, the installation of solar-powered crosswalk signs, and speed radar indicators.

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