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New Crosswalk Installed at the Gull Lake Lyceum Theatre

The façade of the Gull Lake Lyceum Theatre as seen from the opposite side of the street, complete with the recently installed pedestrian crossing and the theatre manager, Cole Girodat, standing in front of the theatre.
Manager Cole Girodat

Not only do crosswalks offer people a safe place to cross the street, but they also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the downtown area. Today, a crosswalk was put in place on the street directly in front of the theatre. The crosswalk extends from the theatre to the island just across the street, providing customers with an opportunity to cross the street in a manner that is both safe and convenient. Additionally, a portion of the island that connects to the crosswalk has been painted to prohibit parking.

Cole Girodat, the manager of the theatre, was delighted with the addition of the crosswalk and the aesthetic appearance of the street in front of the theatre. In addition, he would like to remind everyone that parking is prohibited on the crosswalk.

Blake Campbell

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