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Gull Lake Receives $47,438.00 for Crosswalk Improvements

The Town of Gull Lake will be receiving $47,438 from the SGI Provincial Traffic Safety Fund Grant. The grant helps fund projects that improve the safety of streets, school zones and intersections. Former Councilor Emella Waiser applied for the grant on behalf of the Town of Gull Lake and titled the application, "Keeping Our Community Safe." Emella applied for the grant to help improve the safety of kids crossing streets on their way to school, and pedestrians crossing the busy highway on their way downtown.

Four flashing crosswalk signs will be installed at intersections near the Gull Lake School, and one will be installed at the intersection of Rutland Avenue and Main Street. Pedestrians will be able to activate the flashing lights at the crosswalks by pushing a button at the corner before crossing the street. These upgrades to the crosswalks will be significant and greatly improve the safety of everyone crossing the streets at these locations.

Blake Campbell

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