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New Ambulance in the Works for Gull Lake EMS

A new ambulance will be purchased by the Gull Lake Ambulance Service. The services second unit a 2001 Hightop Van will be replaced by a new Modular Unit. The Ambulance Service's CEO, Dave Waiser, said that the 22-year-old van has reached the end of its useful life expectancy and needs to be replaced.  The new ambulance, which will cost $220,000, has been ordered from Demers Ambulance Manufacturer Inc. A 30% down payment has been made, and delivery is planned in 12 to 24 months.

The Gull Lake and District Road Ambulance Corporation, a municipal non-profit, operates the Gull Lake Ambulance Service. The corporation is made up of eight municipalities that help shortfalls in provincial funding. The Town's share of the down payment for the new unit was $19,008.66, which was approved by the Town Council at their meeting on December 14.

The purchase of a new ambulance will ensure that residents of Gull Lake and area continue to have access to prompt prehospital care and transportation provided by our local EMS professionals.

Blake Campbell

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