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Provincial One Time Funding Will Help EMS with Inflationary Costs

Recently, the government of Saskatchewan announced that it will provide a $2.85 million one-time fuel subsidy to assist ambulance services across the province in combating inflationary pressures. In 2021-22, Saskatchewan ambulance operators responded to over 171,000 calls for service across the province and travelled over 13 million kilometres. Inflationary pressures, including rapidly rising fuel prices, have increased financial strains on emergency medical services.

Today, I spoke with Dave Waiser, CEO of the Gull Lake Ambulance Service, about the one-time funding increase and the impact inflationary costs have had on the local Ambulance Service. He said that the sharp rise in fuel prices has been the Gull Lake Ambulance Service's biggest inflation-related cost overall.

He said, "I am pleased to hear that additional funding will be made available to offset the significant increase in fuel prices."

The cost of fuel for Gull Lake EMS has risen substantially. Comparing the first quarter of 2022 to the first quarter of 2021, the cost of fuel increased by 33 percent. In a given year, the Gull Lake Ambulance Service covers about 20,000 kilometres and responds to around 160 calls.

See Saskatchewan Government News and Media for more information about the increase.

Blake Campbell

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