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Government Keeps Promise To Make Ambulance Fees More Affordable For Saskatchewan Seniors

Released on December 2, 2020

The Government of Saskatchewan is delivering on its commitment to Saskatchewan seniors by significantly reducing ambulance fees from $275 per trip to $135 per trip.

As well, there will be no cost to seniors for transfers between health care facilities such as hospitals, various health centres, mental health and addiction centres and special care homes. Seniors will receive full coverage for these transfers under the Senior Citizens’ Ambulance Assistance Program (SCAAP). These benefits will come into effect December 14, 2020.

“Our government is living up to its promise to provide Saskatchewan’s seniors with quality, affordable healthcare,” Mental Health and Addictions, Seniors and Rural and Remote Health Minister Everett Hindley said. “The investments we make now will help to address the future needs of our province’s growing senior population, while demonstrating our commitment to those who helped build our great province.”

The increased subsidy provided through SCAAP is estimated to cost $2.2 million for the remainder of the 2020-21 fiscal year, and $6.6 million annually.

To be eligible for SCAAP coverage, patients must be age 65 or over, hold a valid Saskatchewan health card and not have insured coverage by any other government service such as Health Canada, Workers Compensation (WCB) or Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI).

“Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism welcomes the changes to how ambulance charges will be applied in Saskatchewan,” Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism President Randy Dove said. “Our member organizations have been asking for this change as older adults’ usage of ambulance services tends to be higher than other segments of the population. The elimination of inter-facility transfer costs will be financially helpful to older adults in both urban and rural locations.”

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