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Gull Lake Spring Ice Exciting News

Well we have some exciting news. Huge thank you goes out to Gay Dubeau and platinum star as well as gull lake rink board and the crew at Tompkins rink. Everyone of these groups agreed to better rates in order for us to run our skates within the Covid guidelines set out to us. With money collected and no real guarantees ahead. We reached out to all these organizations in a last ditch effort to keep our skates alive. There was very little hesitation on all 3 groups they wanted to help and keep the kids on the ice. If you see anyone from these groups please express your gratitude to them.

So we will be starting skates again January 9th 16th and 23rd in Tompkins and 10-17 and 24th in gull lake. So there will be one group of 8 on with one instructor at a time. We ironing out details and will get them to you Monday night. Groups times and some rule updates. Please share and tell everyone you know. It’s not ideal it’s not what was promised but we feel this is the only way to get our 17 hours of ice time that we promised.

Stay safe and thanks for understanding.


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