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Gull Lake Recreation Advisory Committee Awards Grants Totaling $9,822.00

The Gull Lake Recreation Advisory Committee awarded grants totaling $9,822.00 this year. The grants made available enable organizations to provide affordable recreation programs in our community. Grants were given to the following local organizations:

Gull Lake Curling Club was awarded $2,862.00. A total of $1,200 will be spent on high school ice time. The remaining $1,662.00 will be used to cover the cost of hiring an ice technician.

The Gull Lake Recreation Advisory Committee was awarded $2,000.00 for general subsidized programs. This money will be used to offset some of the costs associated with running programs, such as facility rentals, instructor fees, and supplies.

The Gull Lake Skating Club received $2,100.00. The grant funds will be used to pay for coaching wages and mileage for Star Skate, as well as coaching wages for Canskate. The grant fund enables the club to keep registration fees affordable.

Gull Lake School Community Council received $2,860.00 for their program, "Do something today that your future self will thank you for." The program focuses on togetherness and mental health programs.

Grants from the Recreation Advisory Committee help to preserve and promote sport, culture, and recreation in Gull Lake and the surrounding area. In the fall, non-profit organizations with eligible program-based projects can apply for grant funding.

Blake Campbell

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