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Gull Lake Centennial Place and Kiaskus Trail Paving Projects

Centennial Place residents can expect their street to be paved this year. A motion was passed at the March 9th Council Meeting authorizing the town's engineering firm to prepare a report in accordance with the "Local Improvement Act" for the Pavement, Concrete Curb & Gutter at Centennial Place. The street improvement project is expected to cost $415,000.00.

In general, infrastructure costs, such as paving, are borne by the property owners of a development, and in the past, property owners of previous subdivisions in Gull Lake have paid for street paving. The Local Improvements Act allows municipalities to recover all or a portion of the cost of local infrastructure from property owners who benefit from it. The Town will pass a bylaw once the property owners' share has been determined. Owners will be able to pay their costs in a lump sum or over time, according to the bylaw.

The KIaskus Trail is another paving project that will be completed this year. The trail will receive an additional 2.1 kilometers of paving at a cost of $344,000. The project is primarily supported by the "COVID-19 Resilience Stream Infrastructure Investing in Canada Program." The program will be funded in large part by the Governments of Canada and Saskatchewan. The town will be responsible for $91,745 of the project's cost.

The town usually paves every two years, but the last paving year was missed. It is possible that there will be some additional paving that has yet to be determined.

Blake Campbell

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