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Emella Waiser Resigns From Town Council

Emella Wasier's resignation was accepted at the May 26, 2021 Regular Meeting of the Gull Lake Town Council. Emella resigned her seat on Council after accepting the position of Assistant Administrator for the Town. Emella will replace the current Assistant Administrator Lea Stevenson. Lea’s resignation was accepted at the Regular Council meeting held on April 14, 2021.

Related Motions From May 26, 2021 Regular Council Meeting

Migneault/ Leahy: THAT we accept the resignation of Emella Waiser as Councillor effective May 21, 2021. CARRIED
Kirk/ Migneault: THAT we approve hiring Emella Waiser for the full-time position of Assistant Administrator at a salary of Step 3 – Assistant of the Town of Gull Lake Salary Guideline. CARRIED

Related Motion From the April 14, 2021 Regular Council Meeting

Gibson/ Zanidean: THAT we accept with regret the resignation of Lea Stevenson effective July 1, 2021. CARRIED

I had the privilege to work with Lea during my 11 years on Council, and no doubt she will be missed at the office. The one thing I will remember most about working with Lea is her irritability with certain sounds such as, "clicking pens, or tapping your foot on the floor" (things I apparently do when I am talking). The irritability was contagious and also affected the Recreation Director. I don't recall having many conversations with Lea that didn't include the words, "stop clicking your pen," or "stop tapping the floor." Aside from that it was great working with Lea, and I wish her all the best on her retirement.

A by-election has been set for October 20, 2021. I would certainly encourage anyone who has a genuine interest in helping make their community a better place to consider running in the election. To be effective a councils make up should be reflective of the community it serves. Gull Lake's population is very close to 50% men and 50% women, but Town Council has been male dominated for years. It would definitely be a positive for the community to see more women on Council.

Related Motion From May 26, 2021 Regular Council Meeting

Gibson/ Leahy: THAT a by-election for one Council position be called for October 20, 2021. CARRIED

Blake Campbell

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