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Town Council Applies for Target Sector Support Grant

Town Council held a special meeting on March 4, 2021, to pass a motion to apply for a Target Sector Support Grant. The grant covers up to 75 percent of eligible costs, to municipalities partnering to strengthen their responsibilities through projects focused on regional cooperation, capacity building, and good governance. The Town is applying for the initiative of “Regional Relationship Building” to help bring the Town and surrounding RM’s together to work on regional initiatives.

The Provincial Government has been encouraging urban and rural municipalities for some time now to work together especially on large projects. Regional Cooperation is growing in importance as municipalities working together can pool resources and or funding to help improve services for residents. A Regional Relationship Building Initiative is a good first step to bringing municipalities together to discuss the benefits of working together on regional projects. The following Motion was made at the Special Meeting:

Migneault/ Leahy:
THAT the Town of Gull Lake authorizes Lindsay Alliban, Community Economic Development Coordinator, to apply on behalf of the Town of Gull Lake for the initiative of “Regional Relationship Building” to facilitate a conversation between rural and urban municipalities as they work together to cooperate on regional initiatives, future planning, and funding opportunities; and
THAT the Town of Gull Lake commits to financial support of this cost shared initiative.

Fingers crossed that Town Council is able to obtain the grant funding for this important initiative.

Blake Campbell

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