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Town Council Candidates Running in the Town By-Election

On October 20th, the Town of Gull Lake will hold a by-election to fill a vacancy. Bob Francis and Steve Haithwaite are the two candidates running. Both candidates have served on municipal committees and have previous council experience.

Bob Francis is a member of the Southwest Transportation Planning Council's board of directors. Bob also served on Town Council for three terms and served as Mayor from 2008 to 2009.

Bob is retired and said, "My reason for running is because young Councilors have demanding jobs that can interfere with their ability to attend meetings, whereas I have I have the time to commit to those meetings.".

Steven Haithwaite is employed as a Rig Manager at Savanna Energy. He

serves on the Recreation Advisory Board, the Gull Lake Housing Board, and the Lyceum Theater Board as Vice Chairman. He has also served on the town council for one term.

"I believe that the best decisions are made through collaboration and consensus," Steve says, "and if elected, I will work closely with my fellow councilors to achieve that goal."

There will be an advance poll, but the date has yet to be determined.

Blake Campbell

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