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This Weeks Local Business News (Jan 16th-22nd)

Southern Pressure Testers

Wins Oil Field Appreciation Prize

The Eagle 94.1 had a number of entries for Oil Field Appreciation prize and Doris Rittwadge wrote a prize winning submission for Southern Pressure Testers . Southern Pressure testers will recieve a $500 meat pack from Cattle Boss Butchers. are the crew at Southern Pressure Testers in Gull Lake. See FM-94.1 Facebook post below.

This Weeks Business Blog Posts

Gull Lake EDC Reaches Out to Local Businesses

The Gull Lake Economic Development Committee is eager to meet with area businesses. The EDC is hoping to interact with local businesses for feedback and to offer support, resources and opportunities... READ MORE

Gull Lake Sarcan Recycling Depot Closed on the Following Dates

Gull Lake Sarcan Recycling Depot will be closed from 1:00PM to 5:00PM on January 19th. Gull Lake will also be closed all day on... READ MORE

Southwest Communities Working Together

to Create Regional Business Directory

The Town of Gull Lake, in partnership with the municipalities of Climax, Eastend, Frontier, and Shaunavon, announced the development of a Regional Online Business Directory. READ MORE

The Visitor Economy Making Your Business Stand Out

Every town has visitors who stop in daily and contribute to the town's visitor economy. Visitors who spend money in a town, whether on business or for pleasure, contribute to the town's "visitor economy." Because the visitor economy is much broader than the tourist economy, it is easier to measure in towns that are not direct tourist destinations.

To capitalize on the visitor economy, you must differentiate yourself from the competition by providing a memorable experience for your customers. What distinguishes your business from competitors? It might be your customer service, your products, your services, your pricing, or any combination of the above.

The Gull Lake Lyceum Theatre is an excellent example in our town that stands out in the visitor economy. The movie theatre draws visitors from throughout southwest Saskatchewan. The theatre provides its guests with an exceptional movie experience that extends beyond the actual viewing of the film. Customers frequently comment on the nice treatment they receive from staff and volunteers, the cleanliness of the theatre, and the delicious popcorn.

Contact Lindsay Aliban (, Gull Lake's Economic Development Officer, if you require assistance or suggestions on how to promote your business.

Blake Campbell

Gull Lake Events

If you have something you'd like me to promote for your business, simply message Gull Lake Events and I'll make sure it gets included.

Blake Campbell

Gull Lake Events


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