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Economic Development Committee Looks to Help Gull Lake Businesses Improve Market Reach

The Gull Lake Economic Development Committee wants to help Local Gull Lake Businesses improve their marketing reach by providing a Local Business video series. Businesses are invited to prepare some information for us to record and share by video to Town of Gull Lake Social Media and Website.

What do you need to do?

  1. Contact Lindsay Alliban your local Economic Development Officer with your interest.

  2. Prepare an “Elevator Pitch” - a short and concise overview of your business.

  3. Book a time for recording - capturing the video should take 30-60 minutes total.

Once the video is complete, it will be posted on Town of Gull Lake Social Media pages with links to your businesses social media, website or contact info. We also encourage you to use as your own promotional material, and share on your own pages and website. There is also opportunity to display the video at the Lyceum Theatre as advertising. The video will also be used to promote the Town of Gull Lake as a great place to live and do business.

1. Who?

- State your name and title, let people know who you are to create a connection.

2. What?

- What is your business and what do you offer? Set yourself apart from others.

- What problems do you fill for your customers?

3. Call to Action:

- Give viewers a call to action - encourage people to follow your social media pages, stop by to shop or visit your website.

Gull Lake Economic Development Committee


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