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Lyceum Theatre Opening June 24th

The time has come! We are happy to announce that the Lyceum Theatre will be open on Thursday, June 24, playing one movie per night, excluding Wednesdays.

Things to know:

  • Masks are still mandatory until further notice. You may remove them once you are seated.

  • Tickets may be purchased ahead of time on our website. You may still buy tickets at the door, but this adds another way for you to secure your seat as early as you would like.

  • Saskatchewan has allowed us 150 people in the theatre at once. This may lessen by night, depending on how many groups there are, as social distancing rules are still in effect.

  • To reduce the number of people in the lobby at one time, squares have been placed on the floor. Please stay within your square while lining up, and only move up when the square in front of you has freed. If it is necessary, line up outside, to the south of the building, maintaining social distancing.

  • Only one person may be in a washroom at one time.

  • We now take contactless debit. While it is not mandatory, it is another measure to decrease contact if you choose to do so.

  • Please have patience. We are all in this together. The plexiglass placed at the concession sometimes makes it harder for the volunteers to hear you. Please speak up and have patience when they do not hear you.

  • Check back here as I add reminders.

See you at the movies!

Manager, Cole Girodat

& Board:

Blake Campbell

Deanna Service

Bethany Mittleholtz

Roy Krogsgaard

Steve Haithwaite

Lea Stevenson


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