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Gull Lake Skating Rink Public Skating and Shinny Sponsorship Opportunity

RE: Gull Lake Skating Rink Public Skating and Shinny Sponsorship Opportunity To Whom It May Concern,

A hub of activity during the winter months, Gull Lake Skating Rink is home to organized hockey and figure skating for athletes as young as four and as old as 50; however, not all who wish to skate want to or are able to participate in organize sport. To provide recreational programming for all, the Gull Lake Rink Board also offers public skating and shinny each week for any users who want to skate simply out of love of the activity.

To remove the financial barriers associated with these programs and, in turn, encourage as many uses as possible, the Rink Board is approaching local businesses and organizations to cover the cost of these programs. For $100/week, your business or organization will provide an amazing recreational opportunity for the community. Weekly sponsors will receive a tax receipt, and will be recognized through signage in the rink lobby for the duration of the sponsored week, providing excellent exposure and publicity in a high-traffic area.

By sponsoring public skating and shinny, your business or organization is providing a chance for kids to be physically and socially active at no cost in one of Gull Lake's amazing facilities. Additionally, your donation helps offset rink expenses, which helps to keep all user fees low.

Thank you for considering our request. If you are interested in providing sponsorship for a week of public skating and shinny, or if you have further questions, please contact Alison Slabik at 306-672-6682 or the rec director at 306-672-4449.


The Gull Lake Rink Board


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