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Gull Lake Receives $9,376 for Radar Speed Signs

Rutland Avenue  view from the intersection of second street in Gull Lake

The SGI Provincial Traffic Safety Fund Grant Program has awarded the town of Gull Lake $9,376. Emella Waiser applied for the grant on the Town's behalf. The purpose of this fund is to encourage and support local, collaborative action that raises traffic safety awareness.

Residents in Rutland have long been concerned about speeding along Rurland Avenue (Hwy 37). The grant funds will be used to purchase and install two radar speed display signs on both sides of Rutland Avenue in an effort to reduce speeding and improve safety for motorists and pedestrians.

This is the second time that Gull Lake has been awarded a grant from the SGI Provincial Traffic Safety Fund Grant Program. In 2021, the Town received $47,438,00 for crosswalk improvements at the school and intersection of main street and Rutland Avenue.

These significant improvements greatly enhance the safety of our streets for drivers and pedestrians.

Blake Campbell

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