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Gull Lake Kinettes Fundraisers Total $18,485

Gull Lake Kinettes on Conrad Avenue in Gull Lake, SK

The Gull Lake Kinettes are always busy raising funds for important projects, facilities, and people in need in the community. To the tune of $18,485, they were able to give to the following in the fiscal year 2022/23:

$3,671 to individuals in need

$1,000 scholarships

$757 Gull Lake Rec complex

$900 Gull Lake school programs

$2,494 Misc programs in Gull Lake

$2,000 Telemiracle

$2,000 Lyceum Theatre Renovations

$1,500 Kiaskus Trail

$4,163 Cystic Fibrosis

For a total of $18,485

Thank you to the Gull Lake Kinettes for all of your fundraising efforts to help our community.


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