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Local Businesses Benefit from Gull Lake Kinettes 2022 Survivor Fundraiser

A HUGE thank you to everyone who took part in our Survivor reverse raffle again this year! We have a lot of fun making the videos everyday and LOVE being able to give back to all of the businesses! For those who didn’t quite follow along the winners are:

1st out $250: 2 Nickels and a couple Loonies- Ashley Nickel, Ryan Nickel, Collette Jones and Barry Jones.

3rd place $250: Hurtin’ Albertans Rachelle Dreger, Joni Melvin, Leanna Todd and Renee Fenwick.

2nd place $500: 2 EAs and the double Ds Denise Toeckes, Lindsay Sorensen, Michelle Smith and Danielle Vaughan.

1st place $1,500: Pearl's Gems: Natasha brown, Lana Brown, Denise Jensen and Edith Fowler.

We also want to have a shout out for the businesses we bought gift cards from that make up their prize packs!


V's Place Restaurant; Overtime Restaurant and Sports Lounge; B & L Tire, Gull Lake Car wash; Trapper's Auto Tech; Mount Everest Restaurant; Champagne Bubbles & Bowties

Jackie's Nail Spa; Sonder Aesthetics; K & E Kustoms; Studio Southwest Salon + Shop

Hope to see everyone again next year!!

** Missing from the photo is Sam Glenn who was there every night except the one that got her team pulled out 😆 and Kendra Cooke


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