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Doug Griffiths Workshop and Presentation Highlights

Gull Lake, Abbey, Cabri and Hazlet Urban and Rural Municipalities banded together to bring author and community developer

Doug Griffiths of 13 Ways to Present and Facilitate 2 workshops in the Southwest.

Doug shared some great ideas and inspiration during the workshops and Presentation - and challenged the audience to the fact that maybe our own attitudes need to shift to adapt and grow for the future. Rural communities and the world have changed so much, but data and research shows that people are leaving cities for the life we can offer - so how can we capitalize on that trend?

Learn more about 13 ways at

This was a regional initiative and a common theme through both workshops and presentation was that our region is ONE BIG COMMUNITY, and we can work together to accomplish more.

Thanks to multiple communities for attending Hazlet, Saskatchewan Town of Maple Creek, Saskatchewan Village of Frontier Abbey Sask Cabri, SK

Big thanks to our sponsors SWT , Community Futures Southwest and the Target Sector Support Grant.

Source: Town of Gull Lake


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