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Campbell's Accommodations Recommended Day Trips "Eastend"

Every year Campbell's Accommodations hosts many guests during the summer months. There are many great things about Gull Lake, and one of those things is its location. Gull Lake is the ideal place to stay when touring the sites of Southwest Saskatchewan. We have a number of guests every year that stay with us who do day trips to the Great Sandhills, T.rex Discovery Museum, Grasslands National Park, Cypress Hills Provincial Park and other sites. While we regularly promote the many things Gull Lake has to offer, we also recommend a number of day trips to our guests. This year we will be traveling to these destinations ourselves. Yesterday we went to Jones Peak and the T.rex Discovery Centre in Eastend. Jones Peak is located near Eastend and is a 70-minute drive from Gull Lake. This was our first time to Jones Peak, and we never expected to see such spectacular views. We spent about an hour exploring the peak before heading to the T.rex Discovery.

It has been a few years since our last visit to the Discovery Centre and much has changed. If you want to learn about dinosaurs, you will definitely want to stop at the Centre. The Discovery Centre has lots of informative and interesting displays, friendly and experienced staff. Of course, the highlight for me was a selfie with Scotty.

The Town of Eastend is a great small town with a lot of things to see and do. See the town's website below for a compete list of everything this small town has to offer.

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