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Saskatchewan Government Rebates Result In Lowest Utility Expenses In Canada

Released on April 1, 2021

Saskatchewan residents are enjoying the lowest utility expenses in all of Canada during one of the most challenging times in history. When compared to other provinces, Saskatchewan's total utility expenses for 2021 are expected to rank the lowest among all provinces.

"Saskatchewan has experienced a number of economic impacts over the past 12 months," Crown Investments and Minister Responsible for All Major Crowns Don Morgan said. "The government has implemented rebates through the Crown utilities to help protect the quality of life residents and businesses have come to expect. Saskatchewan is enjoying the largest utility rebate ever in 2021."

The rebates include $285 million for automobile owners from the Saskatchewan Auto Fund Rate Stabilization Reserve as a result of strong investment earnings and fewer accident payouts due to fewer drivers on the road during 2020-21. SGI customers will receive rebate cheques in May for approx. 26 per cent of their annual premium.

In addition, SaskPower customers are enjoying a 10 per cent SaskPower bill reduction that started December 1, 2020 for a period of 12 months. This equates to an average $131 per customer for the 12-month period. The SaskPower rebate applies to all customers from residential to industrial. Crown utilities are dedicated to providing safe, reliable services to Saskatchewan people at the lowest possible cost.

The provincial utility cost calculation used in the comparison is based on:

  • Two vehicles per household receiving 26 per cent of the annual registration premium using an average group of vehicles comparison for all provinces;

  • Gas and electricity costs based on average customer consumption;

  • Telecommunications costs include two cellular voice and data packages per household;

  • Carbon levies were included in the expense calculations, despite being flow through costs to the federal government;

"This has been a difficult year financially for many," Morgan said. "We needed to take action to not only protect Saskatchewan customers, but help re-build their economic security. These rebates have put Saskatchewan ahead of the rest of the provinces at a most difficult time." Details of the utility cost comparisons and rankings are available in the attached background table.

For more information, contact:

Joanne Johnson

Crown Investments Corporation


Phone: 306-787-5889

Cell: 306-533-5519


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