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New Grants Available For Child Care Facilities

The Saskatchewan and Canadian governments have announced three new one-time grants to help regulated early learning and child care centres and homes across the province. A one-time investment of $44 million in grants is intended to help offset inflationary expenses, support preventative maintenance and repairs of centres, and provide money for outdoor winter play equipment.

The inflation expenses will be partially offset by the operational grant that will be provided to centres and homes. With this grant, each eligible regulated child care space will receive around $750.

The grant for preventative maintenance and repairs will aid with the upkeep of the structural, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems of regulated centres, with the goal of extending the lifespan of the facilities. The amount of each grant will range from $1,600 to $3,200 per space, with the exact amount being determined by the type of space and location of the institution within the province.

In order to promote outdoor physical exercise and winter play, the Winter Season Grant will pay $100 per area to regulated centres and homes.

For more information see Sask Government News and Media.

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