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Lower Child Care Fees Starting in September

The governments of Saskatchewan and Canada have taken steps to reduce child care fees for families with children under the age of six. On September 1st, 2022, parents will no longer have to pay as much for licenced child care, with the average fee for this service dropping by 70%. A total of nearly $1.1 billion is being invested to revolutionise child care in Saskatchewan, including this fee reduction, the second of its kind to be announced this year.

A family with an infant in full-time, regulated child care can expect to pay up to $550 less per month than they did in January 2022. This represents a reduction of approximately 70% on average. Families will not see a reduction in full-time tuition below $200 per month. This is a big step toward the goal of having average daily parent fees of $10 a day for regulated child care spaces by March 2026.

Blake Campbell

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