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Gull Lake's Population Drops by 13.2 Percent

Statistics Canada released some of the official 2021 Census population details today.

Today, Statistics Canada released some population profile data from the 2021 census. The Town of Gull Lake officially had a population of 908 residents in the 2021 census. According to census data, Gull Lake's population has decreased by 13.2 percent since the 2016 census. This reduction more than negated the 5.8% gain seen in the 2016 census and is substantially below the all-time low of 989 in the 2011 census.

With the exception of the Villages of Webb and Tompkins and the Rural Municipality of Webb, the surrounding municipalities similarly suffered a reduction in their numbers. Take a look at the results below:

RM of Carmichael 462 down 40 residents.

RM of Gull Lake Population 189 down 16 residents.

RM of Webb 567 up 26 residents.

Village of Carmichael NA

Village of Hazlet 90 down 16 residents.

Village of Tompkins 153 up 1 resident.

Village of Webb 71 up 19 residents.

Swift Current's population was 16,750.00, an increase of 146 residents from the previous census. Statistics Canada will release more community census data on April 27, 2022.

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