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Gull Lake Regional Transfer Station Price List

Gull Lake Regional Transfer Station Price List:

Bags or garbage can: $2.00

Half ton truck or less than 12ft trailer (less than 500kg): $10.00

Mattress, box springs, couch, chair, dressers, tables, loveseat, recliners: $10.00 each item

Sectionals: $20.00

Other small furniture, end tables, kitchen chairs, stools, wood bed frames: $5.00 each item

Roll of carpet or lino: $10.00 min charge

Appliances with out freon: $5.00

Stoves, washer, dryer, dishwashers: $5.00 each item

Appliances with freon: $35.00

Concrete, asphalt, bricks : $25/tonne

Metal Items: $10.00 Min charge

Large Semi/tractor tires: $20.00/tire

Small passenger tire: $10.00/tire

Non-Acceptable Items

Hazardous Materials, Asbestos, Animal Carcasses, Grain, Straw, Paint, Contaminated Soil, Oil or Oil Filters, Propane Tanks, Fuel tanks or jugs, Chemical Containers, Electronics,


All fuel must be removed from lawn mowers and weed eaters prior to being brought to the Transfer Station.

Items we will accept at no charge are:

Compost, grass clippings, garden refuse, tree branches, clean dirt, batteries, and clean wood.

Transfer Station Spring Hours Effective April 1, 2022

Monday 12-6pm

Wednesday 12-6pm

Saturday 9-6pm

We will be accepting debit card for payment.


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