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COVID Vaccination Record Now Available In New Format

Released on August 9, 2021

Saskatchewan residents who would like a record of their COVID-19 vaccinations now have access to a new one-page printable COVID Vaccination Record from their MySaskHealthRecord (MSHR) account at eHealth Saskatchewan. The COVID Vaccination Record includes date and location of vaccination and brand of vaccine administered. The COVID Vaccination Record is also available on mobile and tablet devices.

"While your complete immunization record has always been available on your MySaskHealthRecord account, this is a more user-friendly version that provides only your COVID Vaccination Record," Health Minister Paul Merriman said. "While proof of vaccination is not required by the Government of Saskatchewan for events or venues, we know that there are some locations within Canada that are requesting that documentation."

The COVID Vaccination Record contains the individual's name, date of birth, and the date, brand and location of the COVID vaccines they received. If an individual requires a Lot number (a unique number identifying the batch of vaccine received) and it is not on their vaccination record when printed, or there is missing or inaccurate information, call 1-844-767-8259 (press 1, then 3 for the menu options). Or, email

Residents who do not have a MSHR account can visit eHealth Saskatchewan to set one up.

Please visit Once an account is created, individuals will have access not only to their COVID Vaccination Record but to their complete immunization history, lab test results, including COVID-19 tests, and other health history. The information is private and secure.

Saskatchewan is working with the federal government to develop an official proof of vaccination certificate. This will include a digital QR code to support proof of vaccination at border entry if travelling internationally. The Saskatchewan vaccine certificate is being released this fall and will adhere to federally established requirements.

For more information on proof of vaccination visit

For more information, contact:



Phone: 306-787-4083

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