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Christmas Cove Tips for Setting Up and Maintaining Your Christmas Display

Christmas Cove at the Gull Lake Campground has been bringing the Christmas spirit to Gull Lake since 2013. The Campground displays can be viewed every night from December 1st to January 1st every year. Over the years the Cove has seen many unique and decorative displays lighting up the Campground. For several years I volunteered to maintain the Cove to ensure the sites were ready for viewing each night. Below are some common problems that I encountered while maintaining displays at the Cove and some tips that will help when you're setting up your site.


Inflatable displays are festive,easy to set up,and can be found throughout Christmas Cove . Ensuring the display is anchored properly is probably the most important step. I suggest using 6-inch spikes and a hammer to secure the display to the ground, as the anchors that come with most displays are not strong enough to penetrate the frozen ground. Follow the setup instructions that come with your inflatable.

The more ties the inflatable has to secure it to the ground the better the display will stand up especially in a light wind. If the display only comes with two ties I would suggest adding two more ties to help secure it to the ground and ensure it inflates properly. Once the display is anchored to the ground turn it onto see if it inflates properly. If it doesn't check that the breaker on the box you are using is turned on. If the inflatable does not stand up properly anchoring ties may need to be re-positioned or the fan checked to ensure proper airflow into the inflatable. If the weather forecast is predicting high winds be sure to unplug your display as the winds could damage your display.

Some displays have decorative signs. Be sure your sign is secured to a tree or pole properly. The bigger the sign the more susceptible it is to wind even a light breeze can blow an improperly secured sign down. Other Displays Other lighted displays such as ornamental deer, trees or church displays need to be anchored to the ground properly.

If the lights do not come on be sure to check the breaker t the box to be sure it is on.

As with other displays they can be covered with snow or be blown over in a strong wind. Last year was one of the most successful years ever. To enter a site this year there is no need to book a site--just choose an empty one and start decorating. The cost is just $20/site to help cover power costs, payable to Gull Lake Campground. Payment can be made at Town of Gull Lake office.

Blake Campbell

Gull Lake Events


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