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121 Risky Behaviour Infractions Found in CAA School Zone Safety Assessment

CAA completed a School Zone Safety Assessment at Gull Lake Public School on November 16th, 2022. There were three The Town of Gull Lake and the RCMP from the Swift Current Rural Detachment worked together on-site to track risky behaviour for motorists and pedestrians in the school zone.

During the CAA School Zone Safety Assessment, there were 121 risky behaviours observed at Gull Lake Public School. The most dangerous driving behaviours in a school zone are failing to stop or yield (26 Infractions observed in assessment), failing to signal a turn (18 Infractions observed in assessment), and speeding (12 Infractions observed in assessment). Jaywalking (31 Infractions observed in assessment) and failing to look both ways before crossing the roadway (2 Infractions observed in assessment) are the most dangerous pedestrian behaviours.

CAA reminds motorists that we can all work together to keep our school zones safe by: 

  • observing and obeying posted speed limits and hours when speed limits are enforced; 

  • eliminating distracted driving; 

  • obeying traffic laws; and 

  • understanding and obeying 'no stopping' and 'no parking' signage.

Download the assessment results below to get the detailed results.

Download PDF • 182KB

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