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The 2021 Pig Spleen Weather Forecast

The forecast this year is based on a single pig Spleen from a free range hog from the Cobler Farm near Gull Lake Saskatchewan. Although there were several spleens obtained to peruse, this one in particular stood out unique from all the rest.

The prognostication was completed on December 20, 2020 in my living room with no entertainment, no public participation, but involved some alcohol to set the mood.

There was an excess of fat situated on the spleen in two bands attached to the centre of one side of the spleen. Both of the bands of fat were about the same size; one representing the temperature, the second representing the precipitation. Oddly, there were parallel veins of fat on both bands, whereas usually the bands are perpendicular and they can be interpreted as specific dates of temperature changes or weather events.

The spleen was remarkable as it was deformed at the start and it had a scar approximately 5 inches in length. The scar appeared to have healed in a strange manner towards the end.

Based on the fat of the spleen, The winter and spring this year will be colder than normal and have more precipitation than normal. It will start out above normal in January and February, with some cold snaps and then become colder than normal in mid April and remain through to June. Even though it will be colder than normal, temperatures will be turbulent with drastic changes, from warm periods bracketed by being very cold and windy.

The scar on the plane is probably not weather related. I am expecting that it signifies the extremely wide gap between the left and the right; particularly in the USA. This rift will be temporary healed in January but not without some outside influence either late January or early February

January and February

The pig said that January will start out warmer than usual for about the first 10 days, as the temperature slowly declines from well above normal. The temperature will drop each day until about January 16 when it will warm slightly and stay warm for a few days. Abnormally high temperatures on January 20 could result in some rain. The warming trend will be accompanied by light snow and more significant snow on January 29 the temperature will fall again towards the end of January into February.

Temperatures into February will gradually become colder over the month. Expect a warm spell on February 6 and seventh where rain again is possible. There will be some lighter snow at the start of the month before warming around February 26. A more pronounced snow event should occur around February 15 with high winds.

It should be noted that there will be big differences in the weather from Southwest Saskatchewan in comparison to South Central and eastern portions of the province; this will be more pronounced than usual.

March /April

The first part of March will see a drop in temperatures again for the first half of the month, followed by warming temperatures for about the last 10 days of March. Expect a brief warming period around March 8, 9, 10, 11, that again could produce rain. As well there should be significant snow during this time.

April will stay average to above average temperatures until the end of the month when it will cool off significantly around the 27th. The spleen shows one significant snow or rain event around April 21.


The month of May will be colder than normal for the first 10 days and also the last 10 days of May. More normal temperatures will be seen in mid May. Significant rain around May 2, 18, and again 21st will provide lasting crop moisture.

June will start off with cool temperatures and remain so for the entire month. The spleen shows that it will be significantly colder than normal at the end of June. However, after June and temperature will return to regular summer time temperatures. Expect also some light rain towards the end of June.

** This will be the toughest of winters, not because of the cold, but because we can’t play hockey.

Jeff Woodward, Pig Spleen Prognosticator


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