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Recreation Advisory Committee Healthy Hearts, Community Challenge Complete

The first RAC Healthy Hearts, Healthy Community Challenge is complete!

65 participants took part in some or all of the challenge and recruited even more family members to join them, and 4 teams and 3 individuals completed all of the tasks:

•The Golden Girls: Barb Girodat, Ellen Logan, Kathy Keller, and Leanna Allemand

•2Fat2Furious: Joanne Zanidean, Em Waiser, Adam Zanidean, Dayne Zanidean

•We Hate the Runs: Natasha Vaughan, Danielle Vaughan, Shaylin Vaughan, and Jenna Waktins

•Body Break with Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod: Jeanette Kuntz, Aimee Stusrud, Steph Sells, and Sara Kuntz

•Paulette Bradley

•Omran Zanidean

•Janine Vaughan

After a random draw, The Golden Girls and Omran are the prize winners! You will receive fabulous prizes from Hair by Jessica Bleau and the Gull Lake Economic Development Committee.

Highlights from the second week include:

•Sam Glenn’s daily Office-themed updates and the fact that she ran on her treadmill in Crocs. Twice.

•Seeing everyone’s pet therapy pics.

•Jenna Watkins encouraging her entire department to do their names in the alphabet workout. She tried, unsuccessfully, to pilfer extra points from this accomplishment.

•The alphabet workout in general.

•Crying tears of laughter following Emily Jones’ “You and your burpees can kiss my @**” text.

•Kathy Keller’s sewing project.

•An unable-to-sleep Dayne Zanidean waiting until after midnight, checking the challenges and getting a 5000-step jump on his team's 60 000 step day.

•Receiving a pair of beautiful Meemaw’s Mittens with a pink stripe in them that Annette told me to associate with burpees every time I looked at it. So far, so good.

•Jessica Bleau crushing 18/24 minutes of team plank when her teammates “weren’t feeling it.”

•Hearing Steph admit that a Google Doc was a very efficient way to keep track of our team’s daily progress after my team may have questioned the kind of person they signed up to compete with when I suggested it on the first day.

•Wendy Toney asking if oatmeal cookies counted as a serving of oats (yes).

•Linda Penner confessing that spent too much time watching Trump’s impeachment trial to complete her usual number of daily tasks.

•Krys Snow pumping out 100 burpees after never having done them before.

•My mom (Jeanette Kuntz) helping me with my sewing projects and saying as I was leaving, “Don’t ever show Jan (Dutton) what we did here today.”

•The overwhelming number of people who shared their gratitude lists on the last day and had “This challenge being over” as one of the things that they were grateful for. I know none of you meant that.

Thanks to all participants for joining in, and congratulations on a successful 2 weeks!

Recreation Director

Sara Kuntz

Sara Kuntz

Rec Director

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