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Local Businesses Collaborating Together Could Benefit Everyone

The construction of the Richardson High Throughput Grain Elevator could mean an economic boost for the Gull Lake Area. I have been receiving phone calls from crews looking for accommodations in Gull Lake with some requests for stays up to one year. With the Pandemic winding down, this project could help offset some of the negative economic effects the Pandemic has had on local business.

The Economic Development Officer recently posted an article about the Elevator project on the Gull Lake Business Connection Facebook Page. She also reached out to local businesses to discuss opportunities, ideas, and ways to collaborate. If you haven't met Lindsay, I would suggest you set a few minutes aside to meet with her. Lindsay is our Economic Development Officer and is a valuable resource for local businesses. If you don't know Lindsay or of her career as a rural development specialist see the video below.

During my time on Town Council, one thing I learned is community engagement and collaboration are essential to developing worthwhile projects that benefit our community. While a Chamber of Commerce would be ideal, we are not quite there yet today. I think it would be a great idea for our local businesses to get together with Lindsay and the Economic Development Committee, to have a discussion and collaborate on potential opportunities.

Anyone who follows Gull Lake Events often sees Memes I make with the mural of the Curling Rink in the background. The words on the rink "Building Communities Together" is how our community was built and how it will move forward. Everything we have in our community, we value was the result of people working together to build a better town.

Blake Campbell

Campbell's Accommodations


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