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Gull Lake Museum to Open Visitor Information Centre and Gift Shop

Gull Lake Museum Building

The Gull Lake Tourism Committee is aiming to broaden the Museum's function in order to attract more visitors and promote tourism and businesses in Gull Lake and the surrounding area. A visitor information centre and gift shop will be located in the main building. The Museum/Visitor Information Centre will be open seven days a week and will feature a variety of tourist information pamphlets, including one focusing on attractions and businesses in Gull Lake and the surrounding area. Visitors will also have access to free wifi.

The Gift Shop will sell locally handmade goods, with a focus on Saskatchewan-based producers and designers. During the months of July and August, the Gift Shop will rent out shelf space to sellers on a two-month basis. Each seller pays a $10 monthly charge and keeps 100% of their revenues. Operating in this manner keeps overhead low for everyone, allowing you to have your own "storefront" without the expensive costs of owning a store. We intend to promote and advertise actively on social media. Pop-Up Shops will also be welcomed. For more information, please contact Blake at (306) 672-7499.

The Museum/Visitor Information Centre will open June 30, 2023.

Blake Campbell

Chairman: Gull Lake Tourism Committee


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