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GLSC Helping Sarcan Reach 1 Million Container Goal

Gull Lake School Community Council wants to help our local Sarcan reach their goal of 1,000,000 containers recycled in a year by March 31. To do this, we are encouraging anyone who reads this post to collect their empty cans and bottles and either take them down to our local Gull Lake Sarcan or send them to the Gull Lake School and we will take care of getting them down to Sarcan.

If you choose to donate the container deposit to the GLSCC, we will be putting the money towards an outdoor movie on the football field and inviting the community to the event! We will be sending labels home with students to put on any recycling bags their families, friends, or neighbours wish to drop off at our local Gull Lake Sarcan. Because it is a bottle drive, Gull Lake Sarcan is offering a drop-off service where you don't need to stay; you just drop them off and the staff will sort them as time allows. We will also have some labels available at Sarcan.

We will run our GLSCC Bottle Drive from February 14 until March 7. If there is enough interest and the weather cooperates, we will drive around at the start of March to collect recycling. Remember to take a photo and submit it to our February Wellness Challenge as well! Thank you for the continued support of our projects.

Gull Lake School Community Council


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