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Four Station Bungee Jump at the Next Gull Lake Market

Thanks to Richardson Pioneer, there will be plenty of fun downtown this Wednesday at the Gull Lake Market. Richardson's is sponsoring a four-station bungee jump to the Gull Lake Market. Bungee jumpers must weigh between 40 and 150 pounds.

There will also be a Group Garage Sale at the Elks Hall. Contact Carla Benjamin at (306) 672-7447 if you wish to sign up for a table at the Group Garage Sale at the Elks Hall.

Ebikes are growing in popularity, so if you are interested in ebikes, you should stop by Dynamic Deals Ebike. The ebike vendor is new to the market, hailing from Redcliff, Alberta. Bone Creek Colony, Prairie Witch Creations, Scentsy, Rafter R Brewing, Pauline's Pantry; Tranton, and Deb Hubbards Sewing will also be present at the Market.

During this year's market, the Last Chance Bar and Grill has held several Burger Night Fundraisers. Don't forget to purchase a burger at this week's market to support Gull Lake Kidsport.

So, on Wednesday, make plans to visit the Gull Lake Market for some fun, shopping, and good times.

Blake Campbell

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