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Fall Fair Planned for Year End Downtown Market

Lady sitting on a chair under a, "Pitch Burst" getting wet from a balloon filled with water that was popped above her.

Aurora Bowery and Gull Lake's Economic Development Committee are planning a Fall Fair on 9 September 2023, to acquire funds for local projects and groups. The first idea is to create a permanent outdoor public market space. With community support, the fall fair will have music, funfair games and activities for all ages!

"Carnivals are a great way for small towns like Gull Lake to celebrate its community and can be cost effective to hold". Aurora Bowery

The event organisers are looking for collaborating organisations from the town or surrounding area to run funfair booths, activities or volunteer at the event. Tickets will be sold at a ticket booth and can be redeemed at any of the booths. Each non-profit organisation that participates in the funfair will earn a percentage of 50% of ticket sales, making it a fundraiser for each organisation. The event will take place on Saturday, September 9th from 2-8PM. Participants will be in charge of running a game/activity booth, assisting with set-up, take-down, and promotion, as well as selling tickets at a ticket booth. Each booth will receive a prize.

A typed list of carnival games

Additionally, a limited number of non-activity booths, such as food and ticket sales, will be available for groups to help at. Aurora also has a few games that are already constructed and ready for usage by groups. Once organisations have expressed an interest, a collaborative call or meeting can be organised to answer questions and confirm the timetable.


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